The Face of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Physicians Standard Insurance Company  | June 2018

“We are setting the Standard” in medical malpractice insurance. Physicians Standard’s motto is the perfect prescription, blending protection and concierge service. They are protecting the caregivers. With a physician-influenced Board of Directors, they know the challenges faced in practicing medicine, and they continuously respond to the needs posed by an evolving health care environment.

The insured physician is at the center of everything they do. For your affordability, premiums are finely honed to provide a competitive edge. For your peace of mind, the company is fully reinsured with Lloyds of London syndicates and has the finest legal representation ready to defend you. For your convenience, the website will show you the difference they can make for your practice and gives access to a Quick Quote form to provide you with an indication in less than 24 hours.



PICTURED, FROM LEFT: Kevin L. Threlkeld, MD, Secretary; Jonathan L. Downard, JD, CEO; Susan G. Tenney, Vice President Sales & Marketing; Robert L. Hall, MD, Treasurer

NOT PICTURED: Karl R. Stark, MD, President

Physicians Standard Insurance Company

287 N. Lindbergh Boulevard,
St. Louis, MO 63141

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